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Blue Dart Tracking

Bluedart Track & Trace System for Your Blue Dart Courier

Blue Dart Tracking

Blue Dart Tracking. You can track your consignment online with BlueDart Track & Trace System. Quick and simple, without verification code. By log in your Blue Dart Tracking number can you your package ID by entering the detailed information online following. Do not use spaces or other (+ - / * ? & = ! ') characters. Bluedart uses Waybill No or Ref No. The most common tracking number format is a series of 9, 10 or 11 digits (e.g. 000 000 000). Some other less common formats may also exist. After clicking on the "Track" button on the above, you will be directed to the tracking result page. Use this page for blue dart courier tracking. Blue Dart official website: Blue Dart Courier Customer Care Phone: 1860 233 1234 / 022 6260 1234 / 044 6634 4600. BlueDart E-Mail: [email protected]

Just try this. if you didn't track solution in above boxes.


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Blue Dart Latest Reviews
Twitter Indian User 1467407515348439047
Statuses 1467407515348439047
ISHT100: @BlueDart_ Complaint. We had ordered jewelleries from 'Kushal fashion Jewellery' store. We received a msg fm Blueda…
by ISHT100
Location: Dwarka new delhi
2021-12-05 13:46:29 IST.
Tweet 1467407515348439047
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Twitter Indian User 1467365791616024581
Statuses 1467365791616024581
arora_sanam9: @AdhirajPatil3 @GamesTheShop Its a common problem among their tracking numbers, idk why, i ordered avengers last ye…
by arora_sanam9
Location: Amritsar, India
2021-12-05 11:00:41 IST.
Tweet 1467365791616024581
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Twitter Indian User 1467363129747070976
Statuses 1467363129747070976
HarryK1211: @BlueDart_ Guys, as usual, your delivery guys don't even attempt delivery but write illogical message as status in…
by HarryK1211
Location: ---
2021-12-05 10:50:07 IST.
Tweet 1467363129747070976
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Twitter Indian User 1467184541815115776
Statuses 1467184541815115776
princevpsingh: @BlueDartCares I am facing the same issue again. Can you Please help me on this courier awb no. 62348563034. Please…
by princevpsingh
Location: ---
2021-12-04 23:00:28 IST.
Tweet 1467184541815115776
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Twitter Indian User 1467153168433770499
Statuses 1467153168433770499
Bakar_Asamadi: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares Blue dart service is lier and third class in Ankleshwar... courier boy not come at my ad…
by Bakar_Asamadi
Location: ankleshwar
2021-12-04 20:55:48 IST.
Tweet 1467153168433770499
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Twitter Indian User 1467130913762930688
Statuses 1467130913762930688
ajaysahani_2000: @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares and your courier service are not delivering my replacement product from 5 days even that is in my city
by ajaysahani_2000
Location: ---
2021-12-04 19:27:22 IST.
Tweet 1467130913762930688
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Twitter Indian User 1467109191210848264
Statuses 1467109191210848264
PNJoshi_: @BlueDartCares It hardly means anything. Even after 3rd SMS referred earlier, #BlueDart service boy hasn't come.…
by PNJoshi_
Location: Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand
2021-12-04 18:01:03 IST.
Tweet 1467109191210848264
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Twitter Indian User 1467080710204760065
Statuses 1467080710204760065
sdghosh: @Divyarao0307 @BlueDart_ This is their way of saying, why can't you just find another courier company.…
by sdghosh
Location: ---
2021-12-04 16:07:53 IST.
Tweet 1467080710204760065
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Twitter Indian User 1467054899372257280
Statuses 1467054899372257280
abhisheks0702: My consignment is lying at nearest Blue dart courier office since 2 days,no response from customer care…
by abhisheks0702
Location: ---
2021-12-04 14:25:19 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 1467024064858390528
Statuses 1467024064858390528
BarunTomar: Dear @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares can anyone tell me which type of Landmark u needed. can u ask me ? One call I receiv…
by BarunTomar
Location: Varanasi, India
2021-12-04 12:22:47 IST.
Tweet 1467024064858390528
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Twitter Indian User 1467021894331236354
Statuses 1467021894331236354
Farhank87611909: @marathinewss maine YouTube pe add dekh ke watch order Kiya online 1599 ki jo diesel ki watch order Kiya tha lekin…
by Farhank87611909
Location: ---
2021-12-04 12:14:10 IST.
Tweet 1467021894331236354
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Twitter Indian User 1466959785664778245
Statuses 1466959785664778245
ashu_pati_trip: @BlueDart_ I need a query about my courier packet which I have scheduled to deliver today but did not receive any u…
by ashu_pati_trip
Location: Delhi, India
2021-12-04 08:07:22 IST.
Tweet 1466959785664778245
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Twitter Indian User 1466930868832784384
Statuses 1466930868832784384
AhamAparichitah: @flipkartsupport why are u guys using a pathetic courier company like @EcomExpress_Ofc, why dont u use @delhivery o…
by AhamAparichitah
Location: ---
2021-12-04 06:12:28 IST.
Tweet 1466930868832784384
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Twitter Indian User 1466829162769838084
Statuses 1466829162769838084
PNJoshi_: @BlueDartCares It is a regular SMS from @BlueDart_ "we missed you". Do you need CCTV proof? 24x7 a watchman or off…
by PNJoshi_
Location: Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand
2021-12-03 23:28:19 IST.
Tweet 1466829162769838084
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Twitter Indian User 1466817866922020866
Statuses 1466817866922020866
Manoj_Hande: @BlueDart_ Can you please provide me contact details of Ambernath Blue dart office. My courier is stuck and getting delayed.
by Manoj_Hande
Location: ambernath
2021-12-03 22:43:26 IST.
Tweet 1466817866922020866
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Twitter Indian User 1466793030342496256
Statuses 1466793030342496256
rakesh1993rai: @KotakBankLtd @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ From last 15 days courier sent via Bluedart & still it is not received Ev…
by rakesh1993rai
Location: New Delhi, India
2021-12-03 21:04:44 IST.
Tweet 1466793030342496256
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Twitter Indian User 1466792068844457990
Statuses 1466792068844457990
amar1544: @BlueDart_ नमस्कार दोन दिवस झाले माझे #courier तुमचं #डिलिव्हरीबॉय देण्यास टाळटाळ करत आहेत. कॉल करुन सुधा सरळ सांग…
by amar1544
Location: Pandharpur, pune
2021-12-03 21:00:55 IST.
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Twitter Indian User 1466791192079654913
Statuses 1466791192079654913
AdarshPareek10: @AmazonHelp Courier partner @BlueDart_ @BlueDartCares not delivering 2 of my other item & a lot of item of my frnd…
by AdarshPareek10
Location: ---
2021-12-03 20:57:26 IST.
Tweet 1466791192079654913
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Twitter Indian User 1466759816433463296
Statuses 1466759816433463296
kamble_ajju: @BlueDart_ My courier has arrived since three days, but I haven't received my courier [email protected] ☹️ I am no…
by kamble_ajju
Location: Surat, India
2021-12-03 18:52:45 IST.
Tweet 1466759816433463296
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Twitter Indian User 1466756363116326918
Statuses 1466756363116326918
foodieRahul: @Dhananjay_Tech @ShiprocketIndia @delhivery I have faced this issue with Bluedart courier.
by foodieRahul
Location: नई दिल्ली, भारत
2021-12-03 18:39:02 IST.
Tweet 1466756363116326918
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Twitter Indian User 1466749966429261825
Statuses 1466749966429261825
aman_4love_95: I raised a request on @OnePlus_IN 17/10/2021 and my product was picked up by courier partner @BlueDart_ on 19/10/…
by aman_4love_95
Location: Lucknow, India
2021-12-03 18:13:37 IST.
Tweet 1466749966429261825
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Twitter Indian User 1466741501384282113
Statuses 1466741501384282113
amanxsinha: @BlueDartCares Do you people have any sense of responsibility? Bluedart is the worst courier delivery service. My s…
by amanxsinha
Location: ---
2021-12-03 17:39:59 IST.
Tweet 1466741501384282113
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Twitter Indian User 1466731290560843778
Statuses 1466731290560843778
poojabanthia: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ i think first thing that Modiji should actually do is straighten the courier companies. A…
by poojabanthia
Location: Andheri West
2021-12-03 16:59:24 IST.
Tweet 1466731290560843778
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Twitter Indian User 1466699966403932160
Statuses 1466699966403932160
shubham_214: @BlueDart_ you can pitch to @RBLBankCares. They can be your potential customer. Their courier partner…
by shubham_214
Location: Mumbai, India
2021-12-03 14:54:56 IST.
Tweet 1466699966403932160
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Twitter Indian User 1466696121477074945
Statuses 1466696121477074945
JaiswalJooly: RT @JaiswalJooly: Very-very disappointing service by @DTDCIndia courier. Why U guys booking the stuff where u unable to deliver or not serv…
by JaiswalJooly
Location: ---
2021-12-03 14:39:39 IST.
Tweet 1466696121477074945
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Twitter Indian User 1466684162379640832
Statuses 1466684162379640832
ChirpingSAPNA: @BlueDartCares Hi Bluedart! I have been getting the status as out for delivery since 25th November but didn't rece…
by ChirpingSAPNA
Location: Gurgaon, India
2021-12-03 13:52:08 IST.
Tweet 1466684162379640832
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Twitter Indian User 1466661338491490305
Statuses 1466661338491490305
krabhalesh: @BlueDart_ I am Krabhalesh V K, I have an courier, address is mentioned to basavanagudi, shivamogga,i am not there.…
by krabhalesh
Location: Narasimharajapura, Karnataka
2021-12-03 12:21:27 IST.
Tweet 1466661338491490305
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Twitter Indian User 1466647077031583748
Statuses 1466647077031583748
SumanKumarDeb1: @BlueDartCares @BlueDart_ Delivery boy keep saying he will deliver to my neighbour. I told him that courier is very…
by SumanKumarDeb1
Location: Sholinganallur, India
2021-12-03 11:24:46 IST.
Tweet 1466647077031583748
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Twitter Indian User 1466624511818698754
Statuses 1466624511818698754
naveen8565: RT @Abhishek_3110: #bluedart @BlueDart_ @Nation_Courier @BBCHindi @timesofindia @KetanKulkarni09 Worst service Bluecart provide. While tal…
by naveen8565
Location: Gurgaon, India
2021-12-03 09:55:06 IST.
Tweet 1466624511818698754
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Twitter Indian User 1466617953357471747
Statuses 1466617953357471747
Abhishek_3110: #bluedart @BlueDart_ @Nation_Courier @BBCHindi @timesofindia @KetanKulkarni09 Worst service Bluecart provide. Whil…
by Abhishek_3110
Location: Lucknow, India
2021-12-03 09:29:03 IST.
Tweet 1466617953357471747
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