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USPS Tracking

USPS Track & Trace System for Your USPS Delivery


USPS Tracking

USPS Tracking. You can track your consignment online with USPS Track & Trace System. Quick and simple, without verification code. By log in your USPS Tracking number can you your package ID by entering the detailed information online following. Do not use spaces or other (+ - / * ? & = ! ') characters. USPS uses Tracking Number or Receipt No. The most common tracking number format is 20/22 digits or a combination of 13 alphabetic and numeric characters, usually starting with 2 alphabets, following by 9 digits, and ending by "US" (e.g. EF 123 456 789 US). Some other less common formats may also exist, such as 10 digits. After clicking on the "Track" button on the above, you will be directed to the tracking result page.


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USPS India Latest Reviews
Twitter Indian User 1074493191427108864
Statuses 1074493191427108864
Sapphire1X7: @AWDtwit This was the case with a book I can't get in America. Turns out, it was getting shipped by the India Post…
by Sapphire1X7
Location: New Jersey
2018-12-17 08:05:14 IST.
Tweet 1074493191427108864
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Twitter Indian User 1073872064208142337
Statuses 1073872064208142337
MeDigit: #ClientWork OneWay Cab is India's Favourite OneWay Taxi Service Provider. Here we are with the range of Brand USP C…
by MeDigit
Location: India
2018-12-15 14:57:06 IST.
Tweet 1073872064208142337
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Twitter Indian User 1073725456543834112
Statuses 1073725456543834112
ArekSarkissian: Hey @chatbooks — going cheap with @USPS is like buying off-brand $1 store toilet paper after a meal in India. You l…
by ArekSarkissian
Location: Tallahassee, FL
2018-12-15 05:14:32 IST.
Tweet 1073725456543834112
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Twitter Indian User 1073682678627459072
Statuses 1073682678627459072
subyroy: in 2017 I sent express mail from India to northern California east of Sacramento... it took 3 weeks... tho…
by subyroy
Location: ---
2018-12-15 02:24:33 IST.
Tweet 1073682678627459072
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Twitter Indian User 1073344546300420099
Statuses 1073344546300420099
myPlanetExpress: @g_s_n_raju @IndiaPostOffice @CustomsDelhi @USPS @USPSHelp Here you can see that your pack…
by myPlanetExpress
Location: Gardena, CA
2018-12-14 04:00:56 IST.
Tweet 1073344546300420099
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Twitter Indian User 1073254021090213888
Statuses 1073254021090213888
myPlanetExpress: @g_s_n_raju @USPSHelp @USPS India post :)
by myPlanetExpress
Location: Gardena, CA
2018-12-13 22:01:13 IST.
Tweet 1073254021090213888
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Twitter Indian User 1073220491815596033
Statuses 1073220491815596033
myPlanetExpress: @g_s_n_raju @USPSHelp @USPS Hi. Based on the tracking, your package is already in India and I guess that it's stuck…
by myPlanetExpress
Location: Gardena, CA
2018-12-13 19:47:59 IST.
Tweet 1073220491815596033
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Twitter Indian User 1073110043216699392
Statuses 1073110043216699392
PranjitGogoi16: @IndiaPostOffice I got a parcel to deliver by @USPS @USPSHelp but they said that the item is in india and asked…
by PranjitGogoi16
Location: ---
2018-12-13 12:29:06 IST.
Tweet 1073110043216699392
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Twitter Indian User 1073062004762365953
Statuses 1073062004762365953
PranjitGogoi16: Hey @USPS @USPSHelp I tried connecting to @IndiaPostOffice but they said that the parcel have not reached India yet…
by PranjitGogoi16
Location: ---
2018-12-13 09:18:13 IST.
Tweet 1073062004762365953
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Twitter Indian User 1072352485849948160
Statuses 1072352485849948160
kirutadii: @IndiaPostOffice Hi, I sent a package to India from USA with United States Postal Service. Its been 4 weeks I sent…
by kirutadii
Location: ---
2018-12-11 10:18:50 IST.
Tweet 1072352485849948160
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Twitter Indian User 1071829727508197376
Statuses 1071829727508197376
GajaKle: @uhsindianpost Bad service from india post. i lost my USPS packet after it reach to india..
by GajaKle
Location: Bengaluru South, India
2018-12-09 23:41:35 IST.
Tweet 1071829727508197376
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Twitter Indian User 1071270370609639424
Statuses 1071270370609639424
dragon_nyra: Why does USPS hate India
by dragon_nyra
Location: Delhi, India
2018-12-08 10:38:54 IST.
Tweet 1071270370609639424
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Twitter Indian User 1071118165000634368
Statuses 1071118165000634368
God14Peace: Links of Hackers servers go to India, Russia and Mainly Muldova then back to NSA and FTC including USPS Inspector's Office.
by God14Peace
Location: United States
2018-12-08 00:34:05 IST.
Tweet 1071118165000634368
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Twitter Indian User 1071100273119125504
Statuses 1071100273119125504
saishyam_k: @anandmahindra It is actually a serious problem. We need a better way to assign deterministic address to homes and…
by saishyam_k
Location: Burlington, MA
2018-12-07 23:22:59 IST.
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